Winter sleeping bag with arms and legs Gr. 98

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This padded sleep overalls is the ideal nighttime companion for your child. He not only keeps her child warm, but also allows her child a safe walk without constant tripping, as happens with the usual sleeping bags. Thanks to this sleep overalls, you as a parent can finally sleep peacefully, without having to constantly look at whether your child is covered or the blanket has stomped away while sleeping and can catch a cold more easily.



The jumpsuit is made of high quality materials and contains no harmful substances for your child. It is padded with long sleeves and ideal for the winter.


The sleep overalls consists of 3 layers:


Inner fabric: 100% cotton

Outer fabric: 100% cotton

Padding: 100% polyester


The sleep overalls feel soft and supple and on the outer fabric beautiful colored motifs are printed. The zipper opens from top to bottom. The sleeves and the legs are provided with an elastic waistband.



The coverall can be washed at 30 degrees and should be air dried. We recommend washing the sleep overalls to the left and closing the zipper prior to washing to prevent other garments from getting tangled and torn when washing. Iron at low heat.


size information


It was measured from shoulder to heel about 83 cm

Sleeve from shoulder about: 38 cm

Legs from the step of approx .: 36 cm

Width measured in the middle approx .: 40 cm


The jumpsuit is suitable for 4-5 year old children depending on the stature of the body. *

 * The age information is indicative. Therefore, please compare your dimensions with the size information in the product description.

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